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What about confidentiality ?

Only retailers who sponsored a track will have access to the fully detailed information of projects of their challenge. Retailers can ask hacker teams to digitally sign an NDA so that hacker teams are not allowed to communicate the private data and information that will be provided to them for the Hackathon.

I'm a retailer, can a hacker team of my company participate ?

Yes ! Retailers have an option to register a team of 3 to 5 hackers to participate to the hackathon. Their participation to a track challenge will be validated by the retailer sponsoring the challenge.

Will HACK_RETAIL get the intellectual property rights to the product coded by the teams?

No, the code produced by the team during the Hackathon will be of their own property.

Where will the hackathon be held and when will it start ?

HACK_RETAIL will take place in Euratechnologies - emblematic place of the French startups ecosystem. The address is: 165 Avenue de Bretagne 59000 Lille.

Is the Hackathon free ?

The hackathon is not free except for some selected top international students who will have the chance to be invited to participate.

Can hacker teams publish open source code ?

All participants have the choice to make their project Open Source or not. Open Sourcing a project opens new opportunities. We strongly encourages teams to open and document their project if they can, in respect of the confidentiality agreements they signed.

I am neither a developer nor a designer, can I still apply?

In a Hackathon like HACK_RETAIL, a hacker is an individual with a hacking mindset and not specifically a developer. It can be a marketing professional, a designer, a retail or e-commerce professional. What's important is that this person has the mindset to hack problems, which means he or she is problem-solving oriented and has a strong bias for pragmatic action.

I'm from an agency and my team is interested to participate, how should I do ?

In order to participate to HACK_RETAIL, you first need to pre-apply by going to this page. From there, we'll review it and send you additional questions to complete your application. HACK_RETAIL is a highly selective event, we get a lot of requests so make sure to give the best on this application.

Where do I have to register ?

Based on your profile, you can register by filling in the form on this page and following the instructions.

Does the entire team have to be available for the entire duration of the Hackathon?

Yes, any member should be present all the time from 5pm on Friday 12 (opening ceremony) until Sunday 11 am.

Do we need to have the entire idea fully working?

The entire idea need not be fully implemented however, the submission should be functional so that it can be reviewed by the judges.

Can I register individual ?

Of course. If you don't have a team, we'll team up during the hackathon.

Do participants receive a daily per firm to cover expenses ?

HACK_RETAIL will not be supporting the costs of any expenses out of the main venue, and neither nights before nor after the event.

What is a hackathon ?

A hackathon is made from two words: "hack" and "marathon" and is best described as an “invention marathon”. Anyone who has an interest in technology attends a hackathon to learn, build and share their creations over the course of the event in an electric and welcoming atmosphere. You don’t have to be a programmer and you certainly don’t have to be majoring in Computer Science.

What should the team size be?

The team size can be anywhere between 3 and 5 members.

What should I bring on the event with me?

Bring your laptops, mobile phones, wearable computing devices and whatever technology inspires you. Make sure that you will feel comfortable during the intense hacking and if you are going to sleep on the venue, please bring a blanket or a sleeping bag. Above all, bring your energy and your brain!

What about food and drinks during the event ?

We will make sure that you don’t run out of energy! Besides breakfast, lunch and dinner, there will always be coffee and snacks provided in the catering area. If you have any special dietary needs, let us know in the application form or shoot us an email.

What is the expected output of the event and how are the final presentations going to look like ?

We expect that you will develop a working prototype which will represent your idea and satisfy the problem statement(s) given at the hackathon

What is the selection process and what document do I need to fill to participate ?

To compete in a track you will have to complete an application file that will be based on selection criterias. The goal of the application file is to allow us to judge your ability and your usefulness to have the exclusivity on one subject. This document will also be useful to show us which materials you are going to provide to your working team. It will allow you to expose your motivations and your potential about solving your choosing challenge.

Can I ask for some exclusivity in my presence ?

Gold Sponsors are allowed to sponsor one track and the main track challenge. There can only be one gold sponsor per track.

Will there be any travel reimbursement for those coming from abroad ?

For the moment, there is no reimbursement program for the outsiders. But let’s contact us to discuss your travel conditions. [email protected]

Who can be eligible to participate in this event?

Each nationality can take part in HACK_RETAIL.

Is it possible to work on my case ?

We only give you track’s examples, you can work on your own challenges if we define beforehand the goals of your project.

How to find a team ?

A platform will be set up before the event for individuals to meet teampartners, and at the beginning of the event, there will be a moment for teambuilding.