community engagement

The retail world is moving fast. This is the reason why so many retailers are struggling with coming up with successful community engagement initiatives. Customers want to support the business that supports their community.
They want to buy from retailers who give back to the community.
How can technology be leveraged to foster community engagement ?



👉 How using gamification can increase community engagement ?

👉 How community engagement may entice consumers to shop in-store ?

Increased pressure from e-merchants is decreasing brick-and-mortar retailers' sales and profits, leading to numerous store closing on both local and national levels. What answers can be given by physical retailers to evolve their store experiences ?
Hacker teams will be provided with product return data samples as well as selected mentors that can answer their questions.
Judging criterias
The solutions are judged based on scalability and technical feasibility in the retailer's ecosystem.

👉 How to ensure community engagement across channels ?

👉 How to calculate the ROI of Community Engagement initiatives ?

It's time to act and it's time to hack.