customer experience

Retail markets are into fast digital transformation. Whether online or offline, the retailers should create an experience with the same branding, structure, values, and tone. The customer should have a journey without friction.
How to create an omnichannel retail strategy?



👉 How could customers become your ambassadors ?

👉 How could customer’s data bring a seamless customer experience ?

Retailers are able to show and sell their products on every device. One friction that the customer can meet with this is the identification step. The goal is to create a universe in which the customer will be recognised everywhere and will find its preferences in every situation
Hackers team will be provided with the consumer data.
Judging criterias
The solutions are judged based on the novelty of the approach, scalability and technical feasibility in our ecosystem.

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👉 How could a brand send emotions ?

It's time to act and it's time to hack.