Traditional leading brands have seen their share of the market cut by new disruptive players. The battle to retain customers is no longer in the price field: coupons and discounts have come up short. Now, what makes the difference is the connections that you create with your clients and how you succeed to fuel it. To stay ahead of the curve, retailers and e-commerce companies need to challenge convention and create a new kind of bond



👉 How innovation can help you modernize your loyalty program?

👉 Leveraging on DATA

Consumers' behaviors and needs are moving at a very high speed. But thanks to all the data collected across multiple channels, retailers and e-commerce companies, supposedly, have all the information that they need to develop a targeted, more personalized loyalty ecosystem. The challenge for the hacker teams will be to gather all this data and design a tailored and differentiated loyalty program.
Hackers will be provided with all the data regarding the existing loyalty program, the client database, as well as selected mentors to answer their questions.
Judging criterias
The solutions are judged based on the novelty of the approach, scalability and technical feasibility in the retailer's ecosystem.

👉 KISS Principle

👉 A.I. to bring the customer back

It's time to act and it's time to hack.