Lately many news with unfavorable outcomes on retail security have been notified. Retailers are facing a level of technological change never seen before. Security requirements have increased, and retailers have to act proactively against well-organized hackers with deep knowledge. In this sense...
how new technological solutions can help retailers provide a quick answer in case of attacks and ensure the security of customers, employees, and services?



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👉 Which are the alternatives to prevent Point of Sale (POS) Fraud in the Retail Industry ?

Fraud in business environments often occurs. There are many managers, accountants, auditors and loss prevention officers responsible for assuring the existence and effectiveness of internal controls to minimise them. Whether cash or cashless, retail point-of-sale (POS) transactions present multiple fraud opportunities despite the existence of internal controls. How to prevent and decrease the levels of fraud in POS?
Hacker teams will be provided with sales and inventory data; as well as selected mentors that can answer their questions.
Judging criterias
The solutions are judged based on the novelty of the approach, scalability and technical feasibility in the retailer's ecosystem.

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