From sourcing to transportation, companies are called out to rethink their entire supply chain and logistics strategy in order to make a successful transition and reduce costs. Statistics show that 40% of companies acknowledge having experienced disruptions in their supply chain in the last 12 months.
What are the transformations that affect supply chain and organisations ?



👉 Stock Optimization

👉 How to anticipate warehouse activity in order to limit product returns ?

Finding the exact balance between not enough stock and too many stock is not easy. It requires flexibility, adjustment, coordination and promptness at each level of the supply chain. It is common for return rates to average around 20% and sometimes as high as 40%. Facing this supply chain uncertainty, how can we help retailers maximise the efficiency of their supply chain?
Hacker teams will be provided with supply chain and inventory data; as well as selected mentors that can answer their questions.
Judging criterias
The solutions are judged based on the novelty of the approach, scalability and technical feasibility in the retailer's ecosystem.

👉 Does your supply chain operations capture and manage critical KPIs ?

👉 How well are the processes already integrated in your internal supply chain ?

👉 How to track supply chain visibility for products moving from an overseas factory to a distribution center ?