You can drive business toward sustainable development.
Facing today’s environmental challenges and threats, consumers want companies to act more sustainably and walk the talk regarding climate change. It has become essential to develop new solutions for sustainability.
How can technology be leveraged to foster sustainability? 



👉 How to drastically bring products returns down for E-Commerce ?

👉 How to reduce the cost of inventory?

Unsold inventories often lead to economic losses for retailers, as they require warehouse space and charges to maintain them, additional to holding financial resources. Unfortunately, at some point, retailers tend to simply get rid of them. Which also generates bad advertising, as consumers are more and more tracking companies actions regarding circular economy. How can you help retailers reduce the surplus of merchandise? 
Hacker teams will be provided with marketing, sales and inventory data; as well as selected mentors that can answer their questions.
Judging criterias
The solutions are judged based on the scalability and technical feasibility in the retailer's ecosystem.

👉 How to cut energy consumption and environmental footprint?

👉 How to implement or improve product traceability ?